Friday, August 30, 2013

Worship- FMF

SOOOOOO SEC Football starts THIS weekend. (Just follow me with this). This is the time of year that all of us SEC fans faithfully cheer for our team, rag on each other, and on Saturdays we find a TV and watch the game. We faithfully do this. We are SEC fans. So here's where I am going with all of that. Some people WORSHIP their team. I mean full out worship them. They give up everything for their team and nothing is going to stop them from watching that game. I understand why. I do. Because like the TV in general, their football team has become an idol. And they are worshiping that idol. Now I love me some Auburn Tigers. You just have to ask me kids and my family. So does my hubby. But we in no way worship them. Worship is withheld for God. That is who we are really supposed to worship. I think that we should put the same fervent love that we have for our SEC teams into worshiping God and prayer. So as this 2013 SEC Football season starts I want to remind everyone to worship the Lord not your team. Don't turn it into idol worship.

All that said- WAR EAGLE!!!!!!! Good luck on Saturday!

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  1. I love love love your post. My son is a VT fan but he has learned to draw the line at fan not worshipper. You War Eagles are fierce fans! Enjoy the game, but give your 100% to God!