Monday, August 12, 2013

Your Words are Powerful so "Speak Love"

I am going to be honest- I pre-ordered this book because of the awesome pre-order swag that came with that. (Sorry) BUT then I got an idea for having a teenage girls class at my church. (I am currently still pondering how to go about this) and put out a call to my Dream Team sisters about books to use or read to get ideas for this class and someone again mentioned this book. So I went on Netgalley because waiting another whole month just wasn't going to work for me when I needed to work on this idea NOW. And it was available for review. I requested it, downloaded it, and read it. Half way through this book I emailed the author (which I would normally only do with Holley, Kayse, and TeriLynne) and sang her praises. And found out that she went to one of my high school's rival schools, grew up in the next town over from where I grew up, and is only a year older than me so it is completely plausible that I have probably met her at some point in our growing up years or at least seen her. By now you are probably wanting me to stop rambling and tell you what this book is right?

This book is Speak Love: Making Your Words Matter by Annie F. Downs.
This book is about using your words to build each other up and not to tear each other down. This book reminds you that your power is in your words. This book is about loving yourself and also loving others. This book was not written for the target audience AT ALL. This book was written for EVERYONE. (Hey, I told Annie this [sorry- but too many close connections you are now Annie and we are friends- from one email but hey go with me on this] in the email I sent her. She is pretty awesome.)

I though that I was going to read this book and just get ideas for class topics from it. But I don't think that will work. The brilliance of this book is that it is a perfect class book. It has memory verses, discussion questions, and homework/journaling built in. I am going to use it for my proposal for this class.

I will say that while this book is awesomely amazing- she leaves out some important stuff. When she talks about becoming a Christian she only mentions asking Jesus into your heart. There isn't really any mention of repenting or baptism. And guys that is important. Both of those things are commanded of us. Jesus says repent AND be baptized. So while yes, you need to ask Jesus into your heart and keep him there, you also need to ask for forgiveness and be baptized like he commanded of you. Thus reveals I problem that I have with most of my favorite writers these days but I digress.

So this is the part where I say go buy the book- GO BUY THE BOOK- but I am also going to say this; if you have a teenage girl (I would say boy because so much applies to them but it was directed at girls) this would be a great gift for them. I would even venture to say a girl who is in the fifth grade up. OR is you are in charge of a small group at your church for teenagers or for grown women (yes, we need it too) it would be a great book for your next study. The pre-order swag is probably all gone as this book comes out on August 20 but you can still try here or if it's after the 20th then the book is still worth the cost. You can buy the book at all major retailers.

** I was provided with a copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.**

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  1. A great read! One must remember what they read and take it to heart,body and soul...Have a Blessed Day