Monday, September 9, 2013

Are you "Awake" to the needs of others?

So I told you that I had some exciting things coming up this week and here is the first one. 

Noel Yeates is re-releasing her book "Awake" this week. And next week there will be a Facebook community book study. I just have to tell y'all about this book. Because it will open your eyes and your heart in big ways. 

Have you heard of the organizations World Help and CauseLife? I had but until I read this book I really didn't know what they were all about. World Help is an amazing organization that brings hope, food, medical care, and clothing to those areas in the world that have nothing. Where kids don't go to school, children die everyday because there is no clean water and no medical care, and where kids have no food because they are alone. Cause Life brings clean water to places that have none. Where digging a well costs so much money that there are none. Where drinking out of contaminated rivers and streams is the norm. 

In "Awake", Noel introduces you to the children that deal with these problems in real life. And she tells their stories in a way that you feel like you know them. Would you like to meet a few of them? You can see pictures and videos of them here: : You can read some of their stories here:

After you read their stories and see their pictures how can you not be involved? Noel says so many great things in this book that I have to share a few of her quotes about being involved. 

"When we stand before God one day, will we really say that we didn't know? Will we really say that we didn't see the needs of our world - that we chose to look away? What will our excuse be for not getting involved?" (p.45)

"Do we want to stay safe, or do we want to change the world? We can't have it both ways." (p.119)

"Real change requires action. There's no substitute for it." (p.142)

"I have often said that if we really want to know God, we have to be willing to know everything about Him. Not just the pretty stuff. Not just the stuff that is easy. Not just the stuff that makes us feel good. We have to be willing to embrace all that God is about, all that He loves, and all that breaks His heart." (p. 42)

"If we truly see, then we really can help." (p. 45)

There are so many ways to be involved because once you know about it you can't ignore it.

Do you have a blog? You can find out more information on being a World Help blogger here :

Then you can sign up here:

You can find out more information on other ways to help at

You can participate in the online study:

Details for Study:
  • 6 Weeks: Each Friday, September 20th-October 25th
  • We can all meet at the host blogger's place, and hangout to chat about what that particular part of the book meant to us. We can share quotes or take-aways in comments. It would be wonderful to engage with the other readers about it. 
  • If you are able to write teasers or share links on corresponding Fridays leading your readers to the host's site, that would be great, too. (I will provide the list and links soon.)

Link to Awake Study Facebook Group:

And you can buy the book by clicking the picture below. Part of the proceeds from the book go to World Help. 

Won't you join in making a change in the world????

Enter below to win a copy of "Awake"!

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