Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Behind the Scenes- Mom of the Year Over Here

Behind the Scenes is a weekly link up party where we pick a picture and tell the story behind it. All of it. Even the dirty parts. Because we don't often post perfect pictures, do we? So here is this week's picture and it's story. 

Last Wednesday my mom called and asked if she could take my 3 year old for the day just to spend time with him. I, of course, said yes (it may have even been with a lot of giddiness and fist pumps in the air). So after she picked him up I asked the middle two if they wanted to go for a walk and see what we could find down our road. Of course, they said yes. So shoes on and out the door we go. We started off looking for tracks in the road. We found fresh deer, raccoon, and bobcat tracks. Then we kept going to find more. When we reached the curve in the road that is almost at the highway we turned back around and headed back. Now Calvin had found a silk worm nest early in the walk and went to look at it and met with a very unfriendly little wasp. So he was starting to get more irritable by this time too. On the way back the boys saw this weird vine with "bean pods" on it. I told them to leave it alone and come on but boys will be boys. And as you see they picked off the "bean pods". (I totally warned them) We stopped at my in-laws on the way home to get Calvin some Benadryl for his wasp sting and the boys showed her their new "beans". I took a picture of them and sent it to the hubby and asked him if he knew what it was because his mom didn't. So you want to take a guess what those "beans" were- cow itch. (That is a crazy name.) Oh yes. My kids had been playing with and toting around a poisonous plant. Straight into the tub they went. Fortunately nobody broke out from it but man oh man if they had. So yes, this mom of the year over here not ONLY let her kids play with a poisonous plant she ALSO took a picture of it for the world to see.

I will be awaiting my medal in the mail.


  1. I never even knew there was something called cow-itch. At least it makes for a fun story, minus the wasp sting, huh? ;) Thanks for sharing today! Happy Tuesday, friend!

  2. LOL - that totally sounds like something my girls would do :) we have a walking path behind our house and they are constantly getting into everything and anything they can find! So glad that no one broke out!