Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Behind the Scenes- Skipping Rocks

This picture is from one of my favorite trips of 2012. We actually not planned on going to Tennessee this weekend. Until the phone call came that John's grandfather was unresponsive and they were asking the family to come now. So I quickly packed our bags and we headed up. His grandfather came around and got a little better (he passed this past Jan) so we made the most of our "vacation". We went to an apple orchard, we went to a pumpkin festival, to the Tennessee Aquarium, and to the Tellus Science Museum. But out of all of that this is what me kids talk about. Stopping by that river in the mountains and skipping rocks. So with all the sadness behind the trip, me packing only long sleeve shirts for the boys and it being quite warm, a lot of family around, a lot of trips to the hospital, and staying in a house with no shower (lots of trips to Mimi's house for that)- we made what started out as a not fun trip into a fun and memory filled trip that included skipping rocks.


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  1. Life is all about the unexpected, isn't it? You didn't expect that to be your vacation. I'm guessing you didn't expect to have fun. But I'm glad you found a moment of respite and good memories amidst what could have been just a sad goodbye. Blessings to you as I stop by from Behind the Scenes.