Friday, September 6, 2013

Dear "KIds" at that Concert

We went to a Jason Aldean concert last night and what I saw was a little shocking. So

Dear Teenage/ College Age Girls;

Did you have fun last night watching Jake Owen and Jason Aldean? Oh yes, I did too. But to be honest your dress was kind of distracting. I saw that Grandpa brought you (oh yes one really did), I am really surprised he let you out of the house in those clothes. Your dress might as well have been a shirt. A shirt. Don't you know you are supposed to wear a pair of pants with those. And to the little girl sitting behind us with a dress so short that it barely covered anything up and then sat with your legs spread wide apart- that is very undignified and I cannot post pictures of my group from last night because of what is in the background. So here's the deal. Yes your dress looked great on the hanger, but dresses that short do not offer a positive image up about females at all. I know it was a concert and you wanted to look cute, instead you made us "old guys" (oh yes it was said) feel embarrassed for you. And made me very glad I do not have a daughter that will make me worry about all of that.

Now next up- I know that you enjoyed yourself with your boyfriend. And so do all the rest of us sitting around you. Some of that stuff is for when you are married AND NOT IN PUBLIC!!!!

Please, please, please learn to respect yourself and your body. Please stop giving these guys too many ideas. And please BUY A PAIR OF PANTS!!!!

And Dear Teenage/ College Age Guys;

You did not escape my notice either. Especially the one guy off to the right who spent the entire night buying an underage girl beer (even after she told you she was underage) and making a complete fool of yourself singing to her, holding her hand, and getting down on one knee. Let me tell you- she was not impressed and neither were the rest of us but thank you for the entertainment. I honestly would wear my child out no matter what his age if he acted like that. Now the rest of the guys around us were very well behaved with a few laughs to be had at the guys who insisted on wearing sunglasses. I even liked the fact that the guy right in front of us brought his two little sisters on his date to see Jason. Although his littlest sister looked like she could have slept through the whole thing.

And Grandpa- you were awesome down there. I probably would have made my child cover up a little more but you brought her to a great concert and spent time with her.

So yes. I was amazed by the attire at this thing and also for the behavior by some people. I wish I could show y'all a picture of my hubby and I or my sister-in-law and I but alas I can't. I can't print them, I can't do anything with them because of what is in the background. And that makes me sad that it is considered okay for dresses to be worn like that.

I also came to the realization that we are old now. I was sitting there and we were all singing along with the Fresh Prince of Bel Air rap and I realized that half the people in that arena were not even born when all of that was out. And the songs that we all knew in between performances that all the kids were calling oldies really aren't that old.

So yes. We all had fun. But I also came away a little sad for this generation coming because they lack respect for themselves. It also made me very glad that I have all boys. And I also learned that Tallahassee needs to enlarge the bathrooms on all the upper floors.

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