Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Marriage Takes Work

So marriage takes work. I know, I know- they don't tell you that growing up. You have to find it out on your own. But I am going to tell you, it takes work. It takes prayer, effort, and lots and lots of forgiveness. We have a tendency as women to forget about our marriage when we have kids. The reason is because we are moms. Someone is completely dependent on us now. Those little people take a lot of work. So remembering your spouse is an extra effort in all of that. So here are some ideas for making it happen during the day.

1. Call or text him. My hubby works shift work and 2 jobs. So there is literally one week a month that texting is our main form of communication. I can't call him because he is so busy and not allowed to talk on the phone. But I can text him. And at least while he is at one job I can have a conversation with him this way.

2. Have physical contact with your hubby EVERYDAY. By that I mean hold their hand, give them a hug, sit next to him on the couch so that you are touching, even if you are too tired for sex you can at least have physical touch.

3. Plan a date night. Ahhh the elusive date night. These are few and far between at our house. But we have 4 kids so finding a sitter for all of them is hard even with 2 sets of grandparents really close by. We have managed to have an impromptu date night in the past month and we have a date this week that we have been planning for over 6 months. Make it happen.

4. Pray for your hubby. Pray for your marriage. Just pray.

5. Write him a not and stick it in his lunch box, on his dash, or on the front door so that he sees it when he leaves for work.

So 5-10 mins out of your day. That's all it really takes during those early years of being parents. Just remember that it can't only be 5-10 mins forever. The kids do get older and more independent. You can put more time into it then. Just remember to keep working on it. You can do it I promise!

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