Friday, September 13, 2013

Mercy House

There are a lot of ministries out there let me tell you. So far this week I have told you about World Help, Cause Life, and (In)Courage. Today I am going to tell you about another ministry that I am excited to be getting involved with.

Mercy House was born when Kristen at We Are That Family visited Kenya as part of Compassion International. There she learned about how young girls in Kenya are sold into prostitution or raped and when they become pregnant they are forced to have backstreet abortions. Mercy House offers them another option. They are able to live at Mercy House, receive counseling, nutrition, pre and post natal care, receive and education, and work. These girls are given another chance. They are given a life outside the horrors that they have experienced. To find out more please visit

Now to where you and I can get involved. Right now through Christmas (In)Courage has partnered with Mercy House to raise money- they are calling this partnership (In)Mercy. There are 5 phases in this fundraiser and all of them are important.

Phase 1 starts NOW. You can visit for more details and to donate. Now I am an (In)Mercy blogger but I am part of phase 4. Phase 4 launches November 11, 2013. In phase 4 we are trying to raise $2,150 dollars to build and stock a computer lab for these girls. This computer lab will be used for their education and also by the staff for communications. I am so excited to be a part of this wonderful cause. Like I said there won't be a lot more from me until November 11th but you can give at any time starting NOW. You can visit any of the above websites for an update or you can see the widget on the "Giving Back" tab here on this website.

And if you can't give monetarily then can you please pray for this ministry?

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