Wednesday, September 25, 2013

October New Releases and What's On My Reading List

October introduces some new titles that are worth the read either because the book is a non-stop page turner or because it is your favorite author and you would never miss a book. Here are some that I have had the privilege of reading in advance.

Hush Little Baby-
A great job, two kids, a seemingly great marriage are all the things that Jillian has- at least to an outsider. But in reality Jillian lives in fear because she knows Gordon will kill her if she ever tries to leave. But the day comes when she can't stand it anymore. She takes her kids and she runs. Will Gordon find them and if he does will Jillian survive? 

I made the mistake of opening this book while my kids were doing school work and also at the start of (In)Courage community groups' registration week. Two hours later I emerged with frustrated kids and a back log of work that needed to be completed. I. could. not. walk. away. It is that good. Every page, every chapter, every word just draws you in and holds you in suspense. Make sure that you have plenty of uninterrupted reading time before you pick this one up. 

Fifteen Minutes- Karen Kingsbury
I love Karen Kingsbury. I do. The Bailey Flannigan books are some of my favorites. That being said, her new book, Fifteen Minutes, was a disappointment to me.

Zack is a young man who auditions and makes the cast of a talent show, Fifteen Minutes. He sees the show as a way to save the family farm. But will he lose himself in the process?

Reese is Zack's girlfriend. She supports his audition wholely but worries about the changes that may come. When a job offer in London comes her way, does she take it or stay home?

What I liked:
  • The ending. Although I can't say why because I don't want to give you any spoilers.
What I didn't like:
  • I had a hard time investing in these characters.
  • On page 295, I finally got into the book enough to care about the ending. The book ended on page 353.
  • There are too many little stories going on in the book without a whole lot of tying together.
I really hated that I did not like this book because I love Karen Kingsbury so much. But it is what it is. I look forward to her next book.   But since she is Karen Kingsbury and if you love her like I do buy the book anyways. 

Women Living Well- Courtney Joseph

I have the great honor of being on this launch team. This book is a great book for wives and mothers. While I don't 100% agree with Mrs. Joseph I do love the way that she spells it all out. How she shows her complete love for her husband and her children. She really does want to help women all over come back to a biblical marriage and use the Bible in raising their children. This book is definitely the case of "big" blogger gone book author that will succeed with no problems. I am not rushing through this book and I am still working on finishing it because I found myself to often going back to re-read a section or writing down something that she said or looking up a verse that she mentioned- and that makes it very hard to do a quick read through. And I don't want to just do a quick read through. I want to glean as much inspiration from this book as I can. So yes, good book, buy it. Much more on this book tomorrow. 

On my reading list for October are two books I feel like I have waited a year for when in reality I have only waited a few months:

House of Hades- Rick Riordan
Allegiant- Veronica Roth

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