Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When One Book Explains It All

 I have been hearing over and over again about this book called "Muscle and A Shovel" by Michael Shank. My friends in Valdosta were talking about it, my friends in Montgomery were talking about it, and my friends at Hentown were talking about it. So I decided to check it out. I contacted the author and asked about doing a review and he sent me the book. I started reading it. Now to be honest for the first 8 chapters I kept wondering what all the fuss was about. I didn't get it. And then I hit chapter 8. And I could not put it down. The notes started up in the margins and I kept looking at John and making comments. And I hated to put it down to cook, clean, do school, and sleep. It was that good.

Because see, I am a member of the Church of Christ (although not a great one). And I have always struggled with explaining things to other people. And I'll be honest- I still struggle with the fact that Baptist have the hold in ministries and evangelism over us. But this book laid it all out there. This book explained using BIBLE VERSES why we do what we do and believe what we believe. This book explained other denominations beliefs and where they get them from. This book put into words what I have struggled to explain to so many people. This book brought me back to my core beliefs like no other. This book quoted over 1,000 scriptures to bring the truth to people.

Now I say a lot to go buy this book or that book because they are good reads and I only say that when I think it but this book is a GREAT read. And I want to tell you to go buy it because you need to. This book will lead you to a greater understanding of the Bible's principles and if you want to talk to anyone about them please feel free to email me. If I can't answer it I will put you in contact with someone who can. This book is a stepping stone. It is not a replacement to the Bible because nothing is, but it is a study tool and a stepping stone to further study.

You can visit the authors website at to find out more and you can buy the book at all major retailers. Michael Shank also will be in Valdosta, GA at Airport Church of Christ the last Sunday in September if you would be interested in going.

I guess because I was raised Church of Christ I have never thought anything about what it means. I have visited Baptist churches with my friends back in high school because I still firmly believe that it can't be a one way invitation all the time and you make a lot of headway understanding what their beliefs are so that you can show them scriptures to back up your's. But this book is written from the perspective of a former Baptist who through study became a member of the Church of Christ. This isn't a book written by a member of the Church who was raised in and really knows no different. And I think that is why this book is so powerful. I urge you to check it out today.

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