Sunday, October 27, 2013

Balancing Act- Dishes + OCD

I am going to admit that when it comes to washing dishes I am a little OCD. I wash in a certain order- glasses, mugs, bowls, plates, silverware, casserole dishes, and the pots/ pans. And if for some reason I miss a glass I have to start back over with new water. I also have to wash dishes in hot water. If the water turns cold before I get done then I have to get new water in the sink.
So as much as I would love to have someone else help me wash dishes and I do often hand that chore off to my oldest, I cannot be in the room when someone else does it. I want to go in and take over because no one else in the house will wash them in the right order. I may or may not rewash a glass before I use it if someone else has done the dishes.
Oh and they are absolutely never washed as well if you use another liquid other than Dawn.

Are you a little OCD about any particular chore? Do you wash your dishes in a certain order?

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