Thursday, October 31, 2013

Balancing Act- the end and a sneak peak of what's to come

Happy Halloween! Today is the last day of this series that was not quite 31 days. And also the beginning of a little break for me because I have a lot going on this month. I have about 15 birthdays to celebrate this month, a holiday, and a wedding. So postings this month will be sporadic and mostly reviews.
So here is a little preview of some things that you will see in the near future:
- Allume handed me a new dream. One that I am holding close to my heart for now but I will soon (Decemberish) do a Video post all about it.
- Allume also asked me to step out of my comfort zone so we are going to be getting uncomfortable on here when I get back to normal.
- I discovered a new organization and you will be hearing all about it and how to be involved.
- And of course there will continue to be reviews and giveaways so keep a look out for them.

So I will see you soon and I am looking forward to what is to come!

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