Monday, October 21, 2013

Balancing Act- Household Management

Household management is one area that can be complex or simple depending on how you approach it. I am a capricorn and that means that I love to make lists. And it is so true. I am a complete list person. But you may not be. You may be a see and so person. So my approach to household management is probably different from yours. But I am going to talk about my system.

I used this book back at the beginning of the year to help set up a notebook that contains everything that I use-
  Getting It Together

I don't use every printable in this book because I love to make my own To Do lists. But we use the inventory sheets (which makes my grocery list so much easier to make), the schedules, the contact information sheets, and the project lists. 

On top of the Home Management Notebook, we also have chore sheets (that the kids tend to ignore) and plain old see and do. My house tends to be a cluttered mess most of the time with toys everywhere but I don't mind that. And you will probably see a laundry basket sitting in every room of the house, the ironing board sitting out, and dishes in the sink. But I am raising kids. And sticky floors and clutter are just part of it. 

I am still working on the whole organization thing- for two parents who are either OCD or loves organizing things, we have the most disorganized children ever born. But I have recently re-discovered the Container Store (wishful thinking about affording that stuff) and Pinterest has so many ideas. So we are a work in progress in this house. 

The key to any of it is to stay on top of it. It's easier to clean up a mess while it is still small than when it gets huge. My key word this month has been "Deliberate". I think that it goes with household management too. Be deliberate with a budget, household chores, and schedules. It will go a long way. 

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