Saturday, October 5, 2013

Balancing Act- Kids and Chores

Just in case you think that I have it all together- I DON'T. Especially in this area. Kids and chores. I am still after 13 years at a complete loss here. I give them chores. They don't do them so I end up doing them. And then Dad buys them something at the store anyway. They don't get an allowance and they complain about it. But no work no pay. So here is what I think is supposed to happen (in blue) and what actually happens (in red).

You have a pretty chore chart with everything checked off at the end of the day/week. 
You have a pretty chore chart with nothing checked off at the end of the week and you end up doing all the chores. 

Everyone has a job and they all do it. 
Everyone has a job but you do them all.

Everyone gets paid their allowance on Saturdays for a great job done all week. 
Nobody gets their allowance including you even though you did all the work.

So, see my dilemma. I have tried everything. Chore charts, allowances, losing privileges, all of it. Nothing changes. And the work load just keeps getting bigger. SO here is the part where you all come in.


Because when it comes to balancing chores with my kids- I am an epic failure. So any and all advice would be appreciated.


  1. This sounds like my house. If anything does get does it is because I have nagged them until they finally do it! Taking away Netflix and Kindles have been the only way we seem to get anything done. I am interested in any suggestions you get as well! Good Luck! :)

  2. Our house is one big mess, these days I often fail but I try to focus on what is eternal (folks, family & friends).