Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Balancing Act- True Confessions of an Imperfect Mom

No graphic is coming- sorry. Because this really has nothing to do with balancing anything. I just felt bad that there were only 2 days left in a 31 day series and I am probably not going to actually finish it.

So here's the deal. I am not a perfect mom. I have no plans to be. Perfection is over rated. I feel like greatness comes from failure and so it must be going to happen soon as much failing as I am doing. Someone told me that they didn't like a certain blogger because she felt that blogger gave moms permission to not strive for perfection. Well- I love that blogger. Because I can relate. I am absolutely not saying don't strive to be the best mom for your kids but I don't want to be perfect. I sometimes feel like bloggers give off that "I'm perfect. I do no wrong." vibe. And I want to apologize now if I have ever done that.

My house is a mess. I still have not unpacked from this past weekend. And I have not cooked since being at home. There really is no plans for that to happen before tomorrow. I am exhausted. I have a very short fuse. AND we have soccer practice tonight. My head is full of ideas and posts and I just want to get them out and onto paper (or screen) before they fly back out again. So the housework will suffer for a couple of days. As is the cooking because let's face it that just is not on my interest radar for right now. It will be okay though. I promise. Because it will get done- eventually.

I tried that whole not yelling at my kids challenge. Complete and utter FAILURE. I didn't make it one day. I didn't make it a full hour through today. I have some hard headed children and sometimes that is the only way that they stop and listen.

I spank my kids. I know that is taboo today but oh well. It works in our house. I actually had someone threaten to call the cops on me last week because I spanked my 3 year old after he ran out into the parking lot at soccer practice. I told them to go ahead. Needless to say she didn't do it. It's not child abuse to spank your kids. It's being a parent. It's teaching them that there are consequences to their actions.

I let them eat ice cream for breakfast (or lunch). Somedays it's okay to do that. I wouldn't do it everyday but every once in awhile. Go ahead and admit that you do it for yourself. Let the kids in on it every once in awhile.

They have holes in their underwear. I readily admit that especially after hearing Ann Voskamp admit it about her household. I can't even tell you where the holes came from. But I can promise you that a couple of them came from climbing trees and acting a fool outside because I have seen the pants that they have torn the holes in too.

I don't always engage with my children like I should. Somedays I let them go play outside while I sit on the couch and read a book or watch Hulu. I need the break and they do too. And somedays I use this computer and social media as an escape to ignore their yelling and bickering.

I am not a perfect mom, wife, person. I don't want to be. Because being perfect means that you need no one. And we all need God. We all need Jesus. And perfection does not exist without them. I am content to be broken and imperfect and to fail- because that makes me have to rely on God. To hand things over to him. I will take that over perfect any day of the week. That does not mean that I am happy with my brokenness all the time. But I am happy to know that I can hand it over to God and he is going to do a better job that I ever could do on my own.

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