Friday, October 4, 2013

Balancing Act: When You Have More Than One Child

I have 4 boys. It is hard to have one on one time with any of them. Most of the time the best we can hope for is time with just two of them. The goal in this as with every area of motherhood is to be deliberate. Schedule time for each child in your day. You would be surprised how much 5 mins of undivided attention a day will matter to a child.
My younger three have the advantage of being home with me all day. That means at some point during the day they will each have my undivided attention. For two of them that typically means when we are doing school and they are either reading out loud to me or I am explaining something to them. For the “baby”, that means at bedtime he gets held and rocked. It’s a little trickier with the oldest one. It is normally just the two of us up for about an hour each morning until the bus comes. But he is getting ready and he is not very talkative. Just trying to get him to talk to me for 5 minutes everyday is a challenge.
So I can sympathize with you. Especially if you have more than one child under the age of 5. Those were some rough years. It gets better though. I promise.
As hard as it is to get some one on one time at our house we do try and go to the grocery store with only two of the boys. That means we each get one and so for the hour it takes to go through Walmart and shop off of the list, we are one on one. If we go with all 4 then we split them 2 and 2. We find little ways to make it work. Even if it’s directly focusing part of the conversation on one child during a meal they are getting individual attention. It really does go a long way.
Be creative with this. And again be deliberate with it.

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