Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Balancing Act- When You Work

Yes, I am a stay-at-home mom. Or I am now. I have only been that for a little over a year. Until then I was a college student and then a working mom. I went back to college when Pacey was 3 months old, went back to work when Calvin was 2 weeks old (back when I only worked weekends), when Josh was 5 weeks old, and when Miles was 7 weeks old. And I worked. Some days 12 hours and even 7 days some weeks. Because I adored my job. I still miss it sometimes. But in all that working- I also missed my kids and some important parts of them growing up. I can't go and get it back. BUT what I can do is learn from it and tell others.

1. When you get home, be at home. Be with your family. Be mommy. I know that sometimes you have to bring work home. I have done that. But really if at all possible wait until the kids are asleep and do it then. Or sit at the table while they are doing their homework and do paperwork then.

2. Make sure that your boss knows you are a mom and being at home is important. If you know that you have a soccer game on Tuesday night, tell your boss about it. 9 times out of 10 they won't ask you to work over if they know that you have a family obligation that night.

3. If you have a flexible schedule and can re-arrange your lunch break or come in late if there is something is going on at school do it. Be there as much as you can. But also make sure that if you can't be there that your children know how proud you are of them.

4. Realize that any and all "working mommy" guilt has to go out the window. Some moms have to work, some moms want to work, and some moms get to stay home. It's the way it is. You are still a good mom no matter what and you are setting a great example to your kids about work ethic, having a career, and time management.

5. No matter what- remember that you are the mom God made for your children. All else aside. You are the best mom for them.

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