Friday, October 18, 2013

Balancing Act: You are not ALONE

Just a little reminder for you today. You are not alone. I know that you feel that way sometimes. But you have friends, family, and online communities. Ask for help when you need it. And if nothing else- read a book for some advice. I have a whole lot of them in my Nook and on my bookshelves. I sadly love parenting books. Here are my top 5. I am just going to go ahead and link them to Amazon.

These are in no particular order and there are several more. These are just my top 5. These books will definitely make you feel like you are not alone and that you have a support group. I am so honored to call Kayse and Teri Lynne friends as well. Teri Lynne is definitely a mentor and Kayse is too.

And if you are in a new place- make friends at church. It's your best bet. Also remember that you have an online community with Facebook and Twitter that will encourage you and help with advice. Just be prepared for more than you bargain for sometimes.

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