Saturday, October 12, 2013

Balancing Act-

God made your husband the leader of your home and you the helpmate. Plain and simple. I am not saying that he can sit in his recliner and do nothing while you do everything. I am simply saying that your husband is the leader of your home in God's plan. That does not make you a piece of property, give them any authority to abuse you, or mean that you have to obey commands that would go against Christ's teachings (think Vashti). That does however mean that he is the spiritual leader, the main decision maker, and should be treated with respect. As a wife, we are supposed to help with the running of our households, raising our children, and back up our spouses. We don't always have to agree with them but don't make it a public show- discuss it in private. And if you are unequally yoked and you have to take on the role of spiritual leader in your home- pray for your husband in that area.

I was raised by a single mom. She was the everything in our household and she taught me to be self sufficient and independent. It has taken me a long time to relinquish all of that and it is an area that I still struggle in. But it is God's plan and that makes it important to follow.

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