Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thoughts from Allume

Tonight was the first night of Allume! I have met some of the greatest people, had a road trip of 8 hours to get here (it was only supposed to be 6), had the most amazing conversations, and have been this complete extrovert at times that I do not recognize. After almost having to cancel my trip a couple of weeks ago, I came to Allume with no expectations, no lists, and more of a faith that God would put me where he wants me with the people he wants me with. He has honestly already done this and I stand (or sit in the bed) in awe of the power he has here. My goal became go grow in God and don't worry about growing the blog about the time the whole ticket craziness happened and I am telling you if the next 3 days are like the last 2, I will meet that goal because I already have. These women from my Dream Team are like family- there is no holding back with them. I met one of the amazing ladies from the (In) Courager group that I lead. I met Lisa Jo Baker and I was so star struck I didnt think to get a picture. I also met Bianca Olthoff in the bathroom tonight. I felt so stupid turning around from washing my hands and introducing myself but I knew I would never get another chance. So I met her in the bathroom. Seriously! I am already blessed beyond measure from this trip and can't thank Michelle Pickle Statefarm, a consignment sale, and my hubby enough for this trip!

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