Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Behind the Scenes- The Costumes

We don't trick-or-treat. For several reasons with the main one being how far we live from town and where people trick-or-treat. So we always dress up for our annual church Fall Festival. This year the festival was later than Halloween so I, being the smart person I am, decided that I was not buying costumes until the day of or the day before- you know because they would be on sale. Let me just tell you- DON'T DO THAT!!!!! I went to the store and had to dig through 1 buggy where they had placed all the costumes. It was a hard fought battle to find the two we did find. Thank goodness I had a clown costume left over from VBS! My soon-to-be 9 year old (in 10 more days) had a literal meltdown in the middle of Walmart because I wouldn't buy him a grim reaper costume. My 3 year old had a meltdown because I would not buy a Buzz Lightyear costume that was big enough to fit my 13 year old. And my 7 year old was happy with what he found.
So we get home and cook and cook and cook. (Cake pops are not something I will be attempting again.) And then we got into costumes. My 13 year old decides at the last minute to dress up so all he had was camo. Worked for me! And then came the question I had been avoiding all day. "What are you and Daddy dressing up as?" Apparently my 3 year old would not accept nothing. So I quickly changed into my Allume shirt and throw on my name tag. I was a conference attendee. My hubby was a solider with the full vest and all. And he was okay with dressing up UNTIL we got to the party and NO other adult was dressed up. There are normally at least 3 other adults dressed up- NOBODY this year! He was not happy. But the hostess quickly ran inside and put on a costume just for him.
This was the first year that costumes were actually an issue in our house. Believe me I will do it differently next year. Especially since I will not be at home. I will again be at Allume the weekend we tentatively have down. So I will have costumes before hand and I will not let the kids talk their daddy into dressing up. 

Did you do the whole costume thing this year? What did your kids dress up as?   

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  1. I'm horrible at cake pops, but thankful that it's pretty hard to make them taste bad even if they don't look good. (I mean...cake, frosting, chocolate...what's not to love?!) ;)

    Mae really wanted me to dress up with her this year, but she got so excited that she forgot...and I just went as a mama while she went as Belle. She was adorable and the princess of the neighborhood, which may be true every day. ;) It was fun, and I love making those memories with her. Hugs, friend...missing you!