Friday, November 8, 2013

"Coming Home For Christmas"

I am about to completely date myself. But do y'all remember Amy Jo Johnson from the original Power Rangers? She was the most amazing pink ranger that they have ever had. Well, I have really liked her as an actress since then and it has been fun to watch her become a better one over the years. She has a new movie out at Walmart just in time for Christmas. "Coming Home for Christmas" is a great new, family movie that my whole house enjoyed.

Kate walks out on her sister's wedding, tearing a hole in the fabric her that holds her family together that cannot be repaired. Mel went through with her wedding only to have her life not turn out how she thought. Their parents Wendy and Al, lose their daughters, their house, and their joy in the years that follow the split. But when their house is sold and all hope of getting it back fades away, Wendy and Al separate. This prompts Kate to try and repair all the holes in their family and to bring Christmas home one last time. What she didn't count on was meeting the owner of the new house and falling for him. Will this derail her plans? Can she "fix" what she broke?

We watched this movie as a family and we all really enjoyed it. I loved not having to worry about what my boys were going to see and hear. This is a story of love, redemption, and of course Christmas cookies. I definitely say head to Walmart and pick up a copy today. Or LEAVE A COMMENT TELLING ME WHAT YOUR FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE IS and I will pick a winner next Monday afternoon. 
**I received a copy of this movie for review and giveaway through Fly By Promotions in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.**


  1. Well my boys love "Elf" for laughs but the top choice is usually "Polar Express"

  2. Our girls love any of the Veggietales Christmas DVDs. Not a Christmas movie, but I think it is always shown around this time of year is Sound of Music. My girls have loved the movie since they were toddlers minus (fast forward) the scary parts. And Charlie Brown Christmas is great too. :) Am I disqualified now that I listed more than one? :p

    Go go Power Rangers! ;)

  3. Can I admit that I have never watched "Elf"? But I love Polar Express and Veggie Tales anything. Sound of Music is a year round favorite and for some reason I only watch Little Women this time of year. However I think I am just burned out on Charlie Brown. My mom made me watch all of the constantly growing up and after the kids became obsessed with all of them it just turned me off. And no you are not disqualified!

  4. My favorite Christmas movie is, A Christmas Story. But I have about 5 that I love and have to watch every year.