Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How Can You Help In The Philippines?

Have you been watching the news about the super storm that hit the Philippines? Have you seen the devastation there? Can you even imagine?
Here in south GA, the weather is cold. As in freeze warning cold (in November! And just so you know I am not a plan of the cold at all. That is why I live in south GA.) But you know what? I am sitting in my house, with a heater and a fireplace, food in the kitchen, blankets, and most importantly I know where all my family members are. So already today, I am 100 times more at peace then the people affected by this super storm halfway around the world. It is warm in the Philippines right now but these people have no homes, no way of knowing where their next meal is coming from, no way to know if the water is contaminated or not, and worst of all they don't know where all their family members are. Whole villages are gone- WHOLE VILLAGES! Thousands of people are homeless, missing, or dead.
Compassion is just one organization that is getting involved. It is personal for Compassion. They have sponsored children who are missing. They have sponsors all over the U.S. waiting for word about their children. Children that are parts of their families. So what can you do?

1. PRAY!- You can pray. Pray for everyone involved. Their safety, healing, and love. Pray for the missing people to be found. Pray for the injured to be healed. Pray for the rescue workers. Prayer doesn't cost us anything and ALL of us can do it.

2. DONATE- If you are financially able you can click the button below and donate to Compassion to help in the efforts over there.
Help Children Affected by Philippines Typhoon 
Do you want to know more? You can CLICK HERE for more information about Compassion and their relief efforts.

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