Thursday, November 14, 2013

Journey of a Dream

1 year.
One year ago, Holley Gerth recognized some part of me that I am still not sure of and made me a part of her God Sized Dream Team. 100 women- 100 dreams- 1 woman who wanted to help us realize what dream God had given us and to help us get there. I don't really remember what I told Holley my dream was outside of growing a blog to encourage other moms and women so that they knew they were not alone and to someday write a book. Well- little did I know that my dream today would be so far from writing a book. And just look at this blog- part of that dream has come true.
About 4-6 months in, I realized that I was already living the dream that I had had as a child. I was a stay at home mom. Those struggles have brought me to my knees more times than I want to admit and probably should have more times than I let it.
In March of 2013, I bought a ticket to a blogging conference called Allume. It went along with my dream and God was saying "go". I can't even begin to tell you all the things that happened that made the trip almost not happen. But God kept making a way. I would never have believed what he had in store for me.
I met my "dream team" sisters and turned online friendships into real life ones. I fell in love with an organization called Sole Hope. And I had a new dream in my heart. At the end of this heart changing weekend, God pushed me to go talk to this particular woman and tell her I wanted to speak next year. I didn't do it. I pulled a Moses. "Why me? I hate public speaking. I have no platform, I have no experience, and I don't have a large following. Who would want to hear me speak?" But God kept at it and about a week after being home- I sent that woman an email telling her. Of course she is on a sabbatical from all things Allume for a few weeks so who knows if and when I hear from her but I followed God's pushing.
This journey of dreaming has been complicated, wild, fulfilling, scary, and so, so worth every step. I have sisters that God has given me at a time in my life that I need them. I have this space to encourage and dream. I am (in)courage leader. And I get to review books! (God definitely blessed me there.)
So about this space here. I am going to be using it for great things in the months to come. I am going to promote, support, and raise awareness about all these organizations that I am unable to financially support; Sole Hope, Compassion, The Seed Company/ End Bible Poverty, and Exodus Road.
God has given me a dream, a space, and a voice. Holley and this team have given me the confidence and support to dream these dreams and to reach for the stars.

So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY DREAM TEAM!!!!!!! And Happy Birthday Holley! Here is to another year of God working in our lives, dreaming, and seeing where this journey takes us!

*Want to learn more about helping Hentown Mama grow, supporting a mission trip to Uganda with Sole Hope in late 2014-early 2015, helping me go to a Dream Team meet up in Branson in March, or help me go back to Allume next year? You can check out the partnership opp. tab at the top of the page or email me at


  1. So proud of you girl! Can't wait to see what God does with you in the coming year! Love you!!

  2. Wow, what a year! I'm so blessed to know you, my sweet friend...I can't wait til our next hug. And, of course, Uganda! Praying that He will make a way for both of us! Love to are a sweet blessing in my life. :)

  3. Yeah, girl! Your heart is beautiful. Can't wait to see what God does in your life this year!