Monday, November 25, 2013

Mercy House Update and one final phase

It has been an honor and a privilege to blog for Mercy House and to help raise money for them. I met Kristin and heard her speak at Allume and it just solidified the cause in my heart. I know that I mentioned that by the time we got to Allume that the first four phases of the project had been FULLY FUNDED! And with in the first 10 mins of a call for help at Allume $4000 had been raised.

So here we are at the week of Thanksgiving when most Americans will start their Christmas shopping. So how about this year you give a gift that will keep giving. Donate to Mercy House and then give a card showing how much you gave in honor of your family member. Or downsize your budget and give to Mercy House as a family for Christmas. Dayspring even has a line of items that you can buy and give as a gift that will go towards this project. Click here to check out the gorgeous tee shirt (that I have- it is the most comfortable shirt! But buy a size up because it will shrink when washed.), an amazing poster (it is even more amazing in person), or some postcards for the note writer in your life.   Because y'all- it has been amazing to see the project happen at speeds we never imagined when starting. Let's see if we can get all 5 phases fully funded by the end of this campaign!!!!!

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