Monday, November 4, 2013

What if You Couldn't Read Your Bible?

A couple of months ago, the youth at our church raised money to buy Bibles for Uganda. Bibles that they could read because they were in their native language. And it made me wonder what we would do if we did not speak english and there were no Bibles that we could read. We would be lost and we would have to rely on someone else to read us the word. And we would have no way to know the truth ourselves or dig in further when we wanted to. Would we really know God the way we needed to?

This is just a sample article from Seedlinks. The web and print magazine that comes from The Seed Company and End Bible Poverty. All you have to do is go to From there you can watch the amazing videos that show you what you can do and where your money goes, read stories that will warm your heart, and learn how to give.

Think about something. If it only takes $10 to translate a Bible into another language and put it into the hands of a mother or a child in Brazil, Uganda, or another country, are you really able to say "no"? For my family that is basically not going out to eat once a month and we can purchase 3-4 Bibles. That says a lot.

What can you do?

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