Friday, December 6, 2013

Home Depot and the Policy YOU Should Know About

As you know we moved earlier this year. We have put off installing the duct work for the central unit until now. Mainly because you can't buy the size we need in the store and we had to order online. Well Black Friday rolls around and Home Depot had free shipping. So we ordered it. Then Monday we got the shipping confirmation. I started tracking on Tuesday and wondered why in the world my duct work was heading north when it should have been heading south. Then I noticed late Tuesday night that it was being shipping to Connecticut. Um, I live in Georgia. So we made the decision that I would call first thing Wednesday morning since it was so late when we noticed this.

Welcome to Wednesday morning. I call customer support. I will say that the girl I talked to was very, very nice even if I can't remember her name. She checks and sure enough- they sent it to the wrong place. So per policy
1. They would cancel our order.
2. In 10 business days they would refund our money
3. I could place a NEW order with a discount code and they would reship.


I didn't make the mistake and yet I am the one being punished for their error. They should be all rights send us duct work without us having to do anything else. And since we used Paypal to pay for our order we have to wait until they finally refund our money to Paypal transfer the money back to our account and then re- order the items.

I'm sorry but there is something wrong with a policy that makes the customer have to do all the work when the company made the error.

So I want to make sure that all of you are aware of this policy. If you order something from and THEY make an error such as shipping to the wrong place then YOU will be responsible for doing all the leg work to get your order. And they will not really offer you that much of a discount- 10%. And if the free shipping promo is over then you now have to pay shipping.

Also did I mention that this is for our heater. So because we paid them so much for this duct work and we have to wait for them to refund our money we also have to now wait to go somewhere else and get duct work. So no central heat in December. Let's just say that I am one very unsatisfied customer and will not be ordering anything online from Home Depot again.

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