Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Behind the Scenes- When The Fighting Stops

It's Tuesday and that means that I am linking up with Crystal Stine for Behind the Scenes. Behind the scenes is where we pick a picture- taken yesterday or 10 years ago- and tell the story behind it. Not the perfect Facebook version- the real life version. So here goes!

I actually did take this last night. The older 3 boys all started back to public school last week. The were in school for a week and then they had a 3 day weekend. I am in shock how after just one week of them being gone all day, having them home threw me for a loop. It was constant fighting all day. As in a couple of busted lips and a couple of broken toys fighting. So I told them all to take a bath and get ready for bed around 7 thinking that an early bedtime was just what the doctor ordered. About 7:30, I look over from where I was sitting on the couch and see this. These two, who had been at each others throats ALL DAY, playing a game together on Josh's DS and taking each other's pictures. For the next 30 mins, you would never have known the all day fighting had occurred. (I sent them to bed at 8.) It almost made the whole day worth it. Not quite but almost. The blond one still has trouble coping with the fact that brunette stole his baby of the family status- 4 years later. But moments like these lead to the hope that he is getting over it. And that little brunette uses that bigger blonde one as a punching bag everyday. But there is one thing about it- in the end, they are brothers and that is better than anything else in the world to all of them.

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