Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Creating An Awareness- End Bible Poverty

My one word for 2014 is Create. And with that I want to create an awareness for causes that are spreading the borders of God's kingdom past just the small town where I live. So today I want to tell you about End Bible Poverty. I know that I have told you about them before but here's where I throw in the New Year's Resolution twist.

What a great goal it would be if you could buy 1 Bible for someone who doesn't have one. Just one Bible. And that's where you can go to www.endbiblepoverty.org. One Bible in one year. Or hey, start a campaign. Then you and your friends can raise money and buy even more Bibles this year.

By putting a Bible in the hands of someone, in a language that they can read, you are reaching someone. You are spreading God's word. You are spreading the borders of his kingdom. Just one Bible. I think that we can all make that happen. I know that it is a goal in our house this year. Next month I am going to start a campaign to raise money with End Bible Poverty and the Seed Company to put more Bibles in the hands of others.

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