Friday, January 3, 2014

I am a Homeschooling Failure

I had such high hopes for homeschooling. It was going to go perfectly smooth and their would be no problems anywhere. I was a bit delusional. Instead, I had a year that went fairly well and I was actually looking forward to this year. Then this school year started. No one wanted to do the work. No one wanted to sit still long enough to accomplish anything and my mom stopped keeping Miles 3 days a week so that we could actually get some work done. So I failed. I am throwing in the towel. I am sending them back to public school as soon as they open back up after the holidays. I won't lie- there will be a happy dance performed when they get on the bus that first day. So here is to spending the next week getting them re-enrolled in public school and buying bookbags.

Miles and I will certainly enjoy the quiet our house offers from 6:15 AM to about 4:30 PM since they will also be riding the bus to and from school. Except apparently on tennis days since I have to provide transportation for the oldest one to and from practice. Only 10 more days and I will be a stay-at-home mom only and not a homeschooling mom as well.

So that whole failing at this venture thing is really not bothering me. You know why- because my children and I do not have the discipline or personalities that work all that well at doing all of this stuff together. I will definitely miss the flexibility of long weekends and all but hey only one kid at the house all day. And you know what- he starts school fall of 2014. I think that I am happy to fail this. Happy that my children will be happy and happy that there will be a return of calm and peace in our house.

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  1. Just finding your post. I am glad you figured out it wasnt working and made the change. I homeschooled well for many years but the last 5 or so i didnt recognize it wasnt working. All of mine are in school now.