Friday, February 21, 2014

"A Draw of Kings" {a review}

A few months ago, I sent out a post on Facebook asking for ideas on what to read. My friend Lani told me about a book called "A Cast of Stones". It was free on my Nook so I grabbed it. I was instantly drawn into this world. To the point that I jumped at buying the second book quickly later that week.

Enter the world of Errol Stone. He is the town drunk who is frequently beaten by the town priest for his sinful life. He is given the task of taking a message to the local hermit. From there he finds out more about himself, his past, and his future. He surprises everyone including himself.

In Draw of Kings, A (The Staff and the Sword), Errol's story continues with a new journey and a battle to save the kingdom and change his destiny. He travels North to a friend who holds the lost book of Deas through unknown territory and unknown dangers. His love travels in another direction to ally with a nation of outcasts. His friend, Liam, heads out with Errol's love the Princess on her mission and finds out more about himself while he is at it. When the time comes for the prophecy to decide who lives and who dies- the reader will have already taken a side.

I highly suggest reading all 3 of the books in this series in order simply because there is so much mentioned that you would not understand without the first 2 books. I found myself putting the book down at times just because I wanted to prolong the journey and I honestly didn't want to know what happened in the end. Because I took sides at the end of the second book and I was so scared I was going to be disappointed. Even though I took sides- I was not disappointed. Patrick Carr wrote the perfect ending for this series.

I am going to post a link for all 3 books because I really think that you need to read all 3.

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