Monday, February 17, 2014

Mommyhood Monday- Are you being present?

Welcome to the new series Mommyhood Monday. For the next few weeks of this series we are going to be using the book "Undivided Mom" by Kayse Pratt. We will cover 2 days each week. This week we are going to talk about the Intro and Day1.

"I want to be an Undivided Mom. I want my kids to know that I want to be their mom." ~Kayse Pratt

It is really hard to be undivided when we as moms are always checking Facebook, Twitter, or texting someone else when we are supposed to be spending time with our kids. I am very guilty of this. I tend to check Facebook at least once an hour- although it has been easier to just leave my phone somewhere lately. Then I spend an hour trying to remember where I left it. And in my defense there are parts of the month that if I couldn't text with John I wouldn't even be able to talk to him because of his work schedule. I am trying to be much more intentional about it now. All too soon, I will be alone during the day and I will have plenty of time to check Facebook. Now books are another story. I read a lot and most of the books I read are for review so there are deadlines for them to be finished. But I find myself asking Miles to leave me alone during the day so that I can read.

I also find that while I am putting off Miles during the day, I am also putting off my Bible. I am finding ways to make it more of a priority in the long term since apparently my short term doesn't keep going. Which brings us into Day 1.

Day 1 talks about Mary and Martha. I can see why Martha is annoyed. I get annoyed with the kids and with John when I am constantly left with everything when we have company. I don't get to enjoy the fellowship or the company for getting everything done and making sure that everyone has enough. But I am also doing that in my everyday life. I am putting housework, reading, writing, and a lot of other things ahead of Jesus. All he wants is my heart. And I am holding it back from him.

"She couldn't see past her to-do list to realize that the Savior of the world was sitting in her living room."  ~Kayse Pratt

What kind of example am I setting for my children? Right now- one where you do a lot of housework, have a short temper, and read a lot. Not one of having a serving heart and a deep love for God's word and desire to spend more time in it. I am distracted and not only a divided mother but also a divided Christian who needs to work on prioritizing in both areas.

"Jesus has called us to be wives and mothers, yes. But first and foremost, He has called us to Himself! He desires our hearts more than our service. If we've got our hearts in the right place, everything else is secondary." ~Kayse Pratt

As moms and as Christians we need to put God and our children ahead of things like Facebook, reading, and housework. I am not saying to not do any of those things, I am saying that they need to be behind reading God's word, serving our children, and serving our husbands. How many times do you wake up and the first thing you do is check your phone for new messages, Facebook feeds, and emails? For me that is almost everyday. I am working to change that.

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Undivided Mom

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