Monday, February 3, 2014

Is your marriage "Worth the Fight"? {a review}

My dear friend, Kayse, is at it again. She has tackeled home management, motherhood, and now she tackels marriage.

“High maintenance. That's the kind of marriage I've got. And although 'high maintenance' might sound daunting, I want you to consider that perhaps all marraiges should require some maintenance.”

When this amazing e-book starts off like that, how can you not want to find out what she means. Kayse introduces five elements that are critical for marriage with a new perspective on each. She is also very open how each of these elements have affected her marriage.

With a fresh perspective and a open heart, Kayse's new book “Worth the Fight” is worth the time to read and apply to your marriage. After all,

“Marriage is hard. Loving is hard. Doing life with another person is hard. And that is worth acknowledging.”

Head on over to Kayse's site and check out this e-book and her other e-books today. If you order "Worth the Fight" this week, you can use the code worththefight20 for 20% off your order. 

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