Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wifey Wednesday- Commitment

Commitment is hard thing. Sometimes commitments get to be way to much and you want to walk away from some of them. But there are three commitments you just can't walk away from- God, your husband, and your kids. Those commitments are just too important.

Remember that day that your husband proposed to you? I do. We went and picked out a ring. I didn't know when he was going to ask but I knew that he had the ring. Then later that night as he was dropping me off he asked. It wasn't the most romantic thing in the world but we had known that we were going to get married after 2 weeks of dating and it was just a given. We committed to getting married.

Remember the day that you got married? For me, that was 10 years ago next month. (Even though our actual wedding wasn't until May.) We looked at each other and made a commitment to love, honor, and cherish each other until death parted us. We made a commitment to each other and to God.

Every single day since then we wake up and chose to continue that commitment. Every single day we work at that commitment. That commitment forms the foundation of our marriage. We build on that commitment everyday. We set an example of commitment to each other in front of our children, our family, and our friends.

We were talking the other day about how many of our friends that we married around the same time we were have gotten a divorce in the last 10 years. Then we stopped and looked at how many of them were still married. It was about 50/50. We also looked at how many of those friends we still talked to on a weekly basis. The married ones won out. We surround ourselves with the ones who continue to make those same commitments to each other. We also laugh because it seems like of all the friends we have who are divorced it seems like they divided their mutual friends up and one or the other "got this friend in the divorce".

As a child of divorced parents, I feel like I put more emphasis on this commitment. I feel strongly about keeping this commitment. I am not saying that there are not extenuating circumstances sometimes where you just need to let go of that commitment. But I am choosing to pour my heart into this commitment and  keep it everyday.

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