Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Wifey Wednesday- Why I Think A High Maintenance Marriage is Best.

I am going to be using the e-book "Worth the Fight" by Kayse Pratt for the next few weeks to guide my topics for Wifey Wednesday. At the end of the post I will post a link for you to get a copy of your own.

In the introduction of "Worth the Fight", Kayse talks about her marriage being high maintenance. I honestly believe that it is the best kind of marriage. Think about this. High maintenance normally has a negative aura around it but why? Because "high maintenance" means there is a lot of work behind it. If ever there should be hard work it should be your marriage.

"Marriage is hard. Loving is hard. Doing life with another person is hard. And that is worth acknowledging." ~Kayse Pratt, "Worth the Fight"

Marriage is hard. I agree. You are two individual people trying to make everything work smoothly. And that is work. And it doesn't always go smoothly. The work comes into play there too. Do you really want to throw away a commitment and a promise just because you had an argument over how to do laundry? I didn't think so. You have to work everyday to make sure that you are communicating, loving each other, and at being the best you can be.

So I am glad that I have a high maintenance marriage. I really do think that it is the best kind of marriage to have. Work at the commitment and vow that you made to this person before God. It is definitely "worth the fight."

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