Friday, February 7, 2014

Write- Five Minute Friday

Writing is hard. Once you put into words what you are thinking and put it out there for the world to read (or even just one other person) you are opening yourself up to the world. They agree or they don't. They offer tons of criticism and only a handful of praise. They tell everyone what you wrote and that becomes a topic of debate in a crowded room. Writing can turn you into the bad guy when all you've done it express your beliefs or opinion on a subject. Or writing can turn you into the good guy who lets you know that you are not alone. I get plenty of criticism and have even had a post I have written so publicly debated and so many negative remarks that I removed it. I have been hurt by what others have written. But I still write. Because there are the ones who let you know that you made them realize that they are not alone. There are the ones who need to read what I have written. So they are why I still write. They are why I keep going even when the people I am closest too tell me I am wrong and publicly humiliate me over what I have written. Writing is powerful. Writing is necessary. Writing is giving hope.    

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  1. So true. Writing does give hope, even when what you are writing about has nothing to do with whatever problems you may be facing. Glad I found you at FMF.