Wednesday, March 5, 2014

All She Needed

Living in a small town has several bad things attached to it.

Your worth as a mother is judged by how well your child does in a classroom or on a playing field.

Your worth as a mother to a teacher is measured by how well your child does on a test.

Your worth as a wife is measured by how you dress and how much money your family has.

Your worth as a woman is measured by what size you are, what brand you wear, and again how much money your family has.

Your worth as a family is based strictly on what your name is and how much money you have.

Your worth as a person is based on how much you can handle.

It is a hard world to live in. Well today I was beyond frustrated. And I put it on Facebook hoping for a words of encouragement. I got them. But what else I got hurt.

I got a friend posting that she was frustrated with parents complaining about their children. She would give anything just for her child to be here.

I would give anything for that too.

But maybe just maybe, all that parent who is frustrated and out on a limb with no where to turn went to her Facebook friends seeking encouragement. A simple it will be okay.

Maybe the person who is struggling with her weight has a medical issue you don't know about.

Maybe that parent that you keep telling isn't doing enough with their child is spending hours each night working with their child and it still isn't enough. Maybe she has more than one at home that she is struggling with right now.

Maybe your family is making sacrifices so that at least one parent can be at home because one works shift work and after losing a job the other can't find one where at least one parent can be with their kids.

Maybe that person who you put down all the time is suffering from depression so deep she is desperate for an escape.

Maybe next time you can simply say it will be okay.

Maybe next time you can simply be understanding that sometimes parents love their children with all their hearts but just need to vent for a minute. Maybe Facebook is the only outside contact with an adult that parent has all day.

Maybe understanding that the person you are frustrated with prays desperately for you and your family in your loss but she needs prayers too.

Maybe all she needed was for one person to say "You are going to get through this. You will be okay."

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