Monday, March 17, 2014

How Can We Teach Motherhood?

Are we teaching our daughters about being mothers or are we counting on some instinct coming out in them? I don't have daughters. I can't teach something that I don't have. But I can model motherhood to my sons and other children in my life. I can model putting someone else's need before my own. I can model Jesus in my life. I can model love. And I can model improving myself in order to make my children's lives better.

One of the things that I love about Mercy House Kenya is that they help teach these young girls to be mothers. They teach them how to care for a baby, how to love, and how to model being a better person. But they can't do it by themselves. They need us to. They need our prayers. They need financial support. And they need us to share their stories and spread awareness. You can find out more by visiting They have the girls' stories, a store, and more about how you can help them.

And since you also know that I love Dayspring, you can head over here and they have an amazing line called (in)Mercy that supports Mercy House. I have to tell you that the Live Mercy shirt is one of the softest shirts you will ever own.

Teaching motherhood is an important thing for us moms to do. And if we can support a mission that makes that a priority we should whole heartedly. If you can't support them financially on a monthly basis, consider buying from their shop or Dayspring for gifts. And if you can't do either, please at least pray for them. And spread the word about their mission.

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