Friday, March 14, 2014

"No More Perfect Kids" {a review}

I like parenting books. I will admit it. But I like the parenting books that don't make you feel like you are doing it all wrong. There is a new book out that I am in love with. No More Perfect Kids: Love Your Kids for Who They Are by Jill Savage and Dr. Kathy Koch fits the bill for my favorite parenting books.

My kids aren't perfect. I don't want them to be. I feel like they learn from their mistakes and their failures. BUT sometimes my reaction is not what it needs to be to let them know that I don't expect perfection. "No More Perfect Kids" offers parents tons of awesome "techniques" for handling how they react to their children's mistakes and failures, how to let their kids no that being unique is okay, and to let their kids no how important they are to us. 

As you go through the book you will notice there are "feeling words", character developments, and even age appropriate chore ideas. This book is a great resource for all ages. A great read for new parents or even the veteran parent who feels like giving up.

You can click on the link within the review or you can visit and find out more about the book, great freebies you can get if you buy the book within the next few days, and more great resources for families.  

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