Monday, March 3, 2014

Perspective and Intention

Motherhood requires intention. You have to intentionally teach your children character, love, and how to behave. You have to be intentional with the time you spend with your kids so they don't think that life is on a phone or a computer. Motherhood really requires intention. This is where a mission statement will come in handy. I have one:
As a mother, I strive to teach my children through words and examples to be followers of Christ, have good character, and to show them unconditional love at all times.

It's not the best in the world and it is hard to follow through some days. But it is my mission statement as a mom. It gives me a purpose and a defined path of intention. It also guides my perspective each day.

If I wake up with a healthy perspective (a plan and a positive attitude) and a focus on my mission statement, there is much that can be accomplished. Even if my to-do list is not completed, did I show my children unconditional love today, did I have a character teaching moment- good! I did what I needed to do. Did I show my children that I put God first? Awesome! Mission accomplished for the day.

When you put your day into the perspective of what is really important and intentionally work on it, you will accomplish great things and get the most important things on your to-do list done.

What is your mission statement? How can you change your perspective in each day?

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