Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Praising Your Husband

It is so easy to put your husband down when you are talking to others. Dredging up all his faults and complaining about all that he doesn't do. I am guilty of this.

BUT- it is wrong. We should be building up our husbands and praising him to others. If all we ever do is complain we are not showing off our husbands best traits or our own. I know it's hard some days. (Today would be one of those for me.) But it is really important. If you know anything about gossip and small towns then you know that your complaint to one friend can turn into a huge deal around town. So the best thing  I have found to do is to have a journal and write it down. Or better yet, say it to him. He may not realize you feel that way. But when talking to your friends and family, just keep it on the positive side. Show how much you love your husband and why you married him by praising him to others.

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