Tuesday, March 18, 2014

When A Pair of Shoes Makes All The Difference

I have been following a blogger trip to Uganda the last 7 days. (www.bloghope.org) And while I was already in love with this mission I am now even deeper in love. I have a new resolve to go. I have a new resolve to bring greater awareness to this cause.

I have been holding on to a Shoe Cutting Party kit since October. My original plan had been to host a party at our church with the youth. It is a great idea for youth groups. I mentioned it multiple times. And each time I was told maybe later. Well not anymore. We have changed churches and even though there is no youth group at our new church (welcome to a new mission for us!) I am going to approach the elders this month about hosting a party among the members and inviting the community in as well. I am going to talk to John about hosting a party in our home. I am going to quit putting it off until it is convenient for someone else. These kids need these shoes. My heart aches just reading the stories of my blogging friends as they hold these children while these horrible jiggers are dug out of their feet. And all it would take to help prevent it- a pair of shoes. A pair of shoes made out of blue jeans. Yes, you read that right. Blue jeans. Those things that we tend to take for granted and discard. So I am challenging you to save your jeans, visit www.solehope.org, and host your own party. Watch the video below to find out more about the cutting party and then watch the rest of the videos on the Sole Hope site so that you can see who these shoes go to. What's a pair of jeans if they can save a child's life?

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