Monday, April 14, 2014


Sitting in church yesterday listening to the preacher talking about how much we are compromising as Christians was a very eye opening experience. The entire book of Jude warns us to not compromise our faith and to continue to stand up for what is right and for God's word. In fact, "compromising on God's word undermines God's authority" ~Tim Mahler. So how much do we compromise?

I know as a mom, I compromise with my kids on small things to get them done. For example, "if you just get everything picked up off the floor and put up, I will finish cleaning your room" (after 3 days of begging on my part). But we (John and I) don't tend to compromise on the big things. There are just certain rules that no one tries to break anymore and they know that we mean business. We even make compromises in marriage to make things go smoothly. But never on the big things. So why in the world do we compromise so much as Christians?

Let's just go ahead and talk about the biggest thing in the media right now. Promiscuity. People living together, sleeping with a bunch of different people, having children by 10 different guys and thinking that is cool, adultery left and right and the whole LGBT issue. It is really hard to explain to my kids that all of that goes against God's teachings when it is such a common place thing. Now hear me out before you get mad. I'm not saying you aren't supposed to love people and show them love BUT you aren't supposed to love the sin. And it is just that, sin. It is plain as day all the way through the Old and New Testaments. And yet, we compromise. There are people who say that it's okay because if the Bible was written today none of that would be a sin. Well I disagree. God said it was a sin for thousands of years. Why would he change his tune now? There are some wonderful people who commit these sins. People with the biggest hearts in the world. But regardless they are sinning. Repeatedly. They have no shame in throwing Jesus under the bus again and again. They have no respect for the fact that he died for them. We can't even voice our opinions anymore and stand up for our beliefs because now all of a sudden freedom of speech and freedom of religion are trumped by LGBT rights and  Hollywood. We are considered haters and we are wrong. It makes it hard to parent when your kids can't watch a movie or a television show without promiscuity being the norm- yes, even in a kid's show.

Then there is covetousness. I don't just mean over money. Which apparently the original paragraph that was here put across. There is coveting another's wife/ husband, status, and, yes, their belongings. And then there are the people who have a problem with this and try to point it out and then are called trouble makers. There are the busy bodies and gossips who spend their time reading a blog post, assuming they know what is behind it, and then passing it around with their personal opinions attached or spinning their opinion on it before they pass it on. I have written and removed a post before about how people assuming that they know everything about a family makes me want to scream. When you stifle a person and their desire to go beyond where you think they should be because, let's face it- status is a lot in this world we live in, they will one day do one of two things- they will shrink and give up trying to grow and do something more or they will break away and leave. And when you cut a person down for so long as a person they start to lose their sense of worth within themselves and the church. No one person has a monopoly on the roles the members play in the church. Members should be allowed to serve as their strengths and desires fit in.

As a mom and a wife- I have to compromise daily. It's about getting things done. But as a Christian- I shouldn't compromise. I should stand up for what God's word says. I shouldn't back down just to not have others mad at me. Because God's word is clear. We as humans just don't want to accept that. But as Christians we have to. Are you compromising on your faith?

*Also I deleted a comment below and edited this post. I am going to publicly go on record as saying that I have a problem with people telling me I am not being truthful with myself about my faith. Faith is personal and there is no way you can tell someone that they are not being truthful with themselves about their faith.

**I also realize that this post has been changed from what I originally wrote and meant because of people making assumptions and comments and then spreading around their opinions. If you thought I was talking about you, the irony is that I wasn't. It had nothing to do with you. But if it spoke to you, you may need to think about why. And if you are going around spreading the word that I am bad mouthing a church that I didn't name and bringing my children into your apparent attack on me, you may need to re-examine yourself.

*** Also- my children still attend our former church with their grandparents. We are not going to deny our parents when they want the kids to spend the night with them or to go to church with them. And if you have a problem with us not telling a 3, 7, 9, and 13 year old all of our reasons for leaving then maybe you should take that up with us as parents instead of taking it out on our children.

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