Thursday, April 17, 2014


I am going to go ahead and say that since apparently I am not allowed to write through my processes or publicly acknowledge issues within a church (that by the way I never mentioned the name of) without the retaliation upon my children and my mother and in-laws, I will not be writing about it anymore. For grown people to tell children that they are not welcome in a church because their parents are publicly acknowledging issues they had with that congregation even though we never hid them and did the "Biblical thing" and went to the people who offended us with responses with ranges of "you are imagining things" to "you are just a trouble maker".  So I'm sorry to anyone who needed to know that they were not alone in feeling like they were in the wrong congregation or that is trying to overcome being placed in a spot where you cannot use your talents or constantly being told you are not good enough. But for the sake of my children, I will not be using this space to write about that journey. And if you agree that this is a very petty sounding post, it is in response to some very petty and childish comments made to me and to my in-laws in the past few days.

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