Monday, April 7, 2014

Wow- It's April!

I actually did not mean to take last week off from the blog. It just kind of happened with Spring Break. I did some housework (not like you would know it now), laundry, and pulled out all of my scrapbooking supplies (because I was looking for a particular picture). Now today, the older boys are back at school, I am back to housework, and back to writing to you here on this blog. So I thought I would do a little family update.

We start state testing next week. I dread it since the middle boys went back to a brick and mortar school in the middle of the year and I am worried about them passing. Josh is having some testing done this week to determine if he has a learning disorder called dysgraphia and starts speech services. I am kind of glad that there is finally someone else noticing that something is there and doing something about it that I can't. Calvin is just Calvin and testing my patience level to the max. Pacey has turned in to a teenager who thinks I am stupid. Miles has become a threenager- a three year old with the attitude of a teenager. We are really busy as a family with two kids playing ball- Josh on a pitching machine and Miles in tee ball. They both play on the same nights and most of those nights at the same time. We have also spent a lot of time fishing as a family lately. Miles even caught his first fish.

We have found a new church and plan on placing membership this coming week. It is has been a very hard decision personally but one that will be good for our family.

Rainy season seems to have set in before I could get all of the grass cut but with trenches all over the yard we hope to not have the flooding we had last year. I am getting back into some old hobbies like scrapbooking this week- making a huge mess pulling everything out.

I think that is about as concise a summary of what's happening as I can make right now. I will leave you with a couple of ball pictures.

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  1. So glad y'all found a church. :-) Looks like y'all are staying at the ballfield like us. Fun times!