Saturday, May 17, 2014

Must Have Read For Memorial Day!

Memorial Day is coming up and that means trips to the beach or the lake (or in our case a wedding of 2 great friends). So you need something to read either on the drive or while there. Lucky for you Dee Henderson just released a new book perfect for this weekend.

"Undetected " is the story of submariner Mark Bishop. Mark is the commander of a ballistic missile submarine in the U.S. Navy. He loves his job but wants something to come home to at the end of each tour. When Gina Gray enters the scene Mark brushes her off as a friend's little sister and a good friend herself. But when Gina's research pulls Mark closer to her things get a little dangerous and a whole lot more interesting.

Once again, Dee Henderson has delivered a book full of excitement and romance without all of the "racy stuff". She proves that you can have a great book while leaving it out. She has an absolute gift with story telling that will draw a reader in and keep them interested and also coming back for more in her next book. She weaves connections between characters that will leave readers of her books eager to know how previous characters are doing in her later books and for new readers to want to dive into older books to learn about these characters. My favorite part of this book was the respect these characters showed each other. They needed each other equally and they found a love based on friendship and respect for each other.

Pick up this book before this weekend so you have the best read for your day!

**I was provided with a copy of this book in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.**

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