Monday, May 12, 2014


Last week, I went on a great field trip with my second grader to Zoo Atlanta. The program is called Nightcrawlers. As the name indicates, you spend the night at the zoo and learn all about the behind the scenes information. This is the second time I have been on this particular trip and I enjoyed it much more this time.

When you get to the zoo you are taken to your sleeping quarters. You have to sleep on a floor and there are no showers. You don't stay there long though because you are quickly taken into orientation and introduced to your instructor. I will go ahead and tell you, your instructor makes a HUGE difference in how much you enjoy this trip. This go round we had an instructor named Suzanne. She was amazing. She was firm but in a great way. She was very knowledgeable, especially about reptiles. And she took the time to answer every question our kids (and adults) had. It was great.

On Wednesday night, we had animal encounters, a short class about different animal facts, a behind the scenes tour of the reptile house, and a behind the scenes tour of the building where all the feed is kept and the food is prepared. Then we went to sleep. On Thursday, we got up and went to breakfast and then on a great behind the scenes tour of the zoo animals. Josh and I really enjoyed ourselves and the one-on-one time that we were able to have.

This is one of the animal encounters we had. This is a bearded dragon. 

This is the food prep area.

Getting up close and personal with a Ring Tailed Lemur.

I would definitely recommend asking your school about this field trip and if you do go, requesting Suzanne as an instructor. Fun, educational, and interesting field trip!

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