Friday, June 27, 2014

New Adventures!

You know, Miles starts school at the end of July. So I have been thinking really hard about getting a job when he starts. I put out some feelers and didn't really hear of anything so I just wasn't going to push it. And then I got an email. I sent them the requested information and soon got a phone call. So after working for 3 days in this new job- I am going to announce it. I am the new Activities Director for a local nursing home. I have so many ideas and can't wait to see how they go. I am also excited to be able to incorporate my Physical Therapy background into this new job. Don't worry- Hentown Mama is not going anywhere. I will still write to encourage you, tell you of awesome books and products, and also talk about my family. It will definitely not be 5 days a week but after school starts back and I am better adjusted to working outside of the home again I will start posting again more regularly.

So here's to new adventures and building new "community".

Monday, June 23, 2014

Family and Home {and a review}

I don't think that anyone will argue that family is important. And there is more to family than just blood. My family is a diverse collection of blood, marriage, and friends. As my parents only child together, I always wanted a big family when I grew up. But I also learned in high school that you can make a family out of your friends. Being a band geek, we had a family. We were together all the time. And for 5 months we were with each other more than with our "real" families. I still have people who are family from those years in my life. Brothers and sisters who the years melt away with when we see each other and it's just like we never left. Then there are those work families. I was blessed for 7 years with the best family anyone could ever ask for. It was also home. And when I left there I didn't lose the family we had made. I still have it. And then I have my sisters. The ones that Holley Gerth brought together almost 2 years ago. If you don't believe that an online community can really be close and have real connections I am here to prove you wrong. Family is a mixture of blood and friends. For me that makes a world of difference.
Family that comes from friends is special. You make the choices that lead you to them. But then there is that one bond that links you with someone forever.
John and I have an amazing family. We have four boys of our own. Two of our dearest friends are his sister and her husband. We are close to his parents and my mom and working on re-building a relationship with my dad. We have built a home where all of those people are welcome at a moments notice and no matter what my home is where ever John and the boys are. We have not traveled that far away from home but I know that where ever we do go, I am taking home with me.
I just finished reading "Atlas Girl" by Emily Wierenga. Emily has traveled the world over, battled anorexia, and become the parent to her parent- all to find love, Jesus, and home. "Atlas Girl" is a memoir written with such care and love that you feel her story to your very core. I stayed up late, procrastinated on some important things, and could not put this book down. I cried, I laughed, and I loved the heart of this girl writing this book. I'm telling you that this book will change how you view home and relationships around you.

***I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.

Monday, June 16, 2014

U- NEEKS and your kids

I love Dayspring. I love all of their products. And I especially love their kids line U-NEEKS. These fun creatures each come with a verse and remind kids that each of them are unique and just the way God made them. The line has toys, cards, stickers, and gift wrap. They also recently released a game for smart phones and tablets.

When I received the email asking if I wanted to review the line, I jumped in and said "yes" immediately. I knew that my niece had a birthday coming and I knew that there was a couple of products I have been eyeing anyway.

Meet Wally. He has now gone everywhere with us. Miles loves him. He has played in the yard, laid out in the sun, gone to Walmart, and even gone to the local vegetable store. Apparently, Wally keeps the monsters away.

 I ordered these products with my niece in mind. She love stickers and stuffed animals.
These are the wearable stickers. I have to brag on the quality of these things. We go through a lot of "tatoos" in our house. And I mean a lot. But these have stood up to everything. Miles even has a tan line around this one now. He wore it for two weeks before I took it off of him. It had not even started to wear off on it's own yet. That is over 14 baths, swimming in a pool, and a whole lot of sun exposure.
 Here is Lila opening her birthday present. She loved her little U-NEEK. It is small enough for her that she can run around with it and not be ackward. Also- it's pink. My mother-in-law probably regrets me giving her stickers since I keep finding them all over her house. And Lila loves her "little monster".
On top of all these great products U-NEEKS also has an app in the Apple app store and on Google Play. I have a Samsung S3 so I use Google Play. There has been a lot of love over this app in our house with children fighting over my phone. (And it's FREE.)

The U-NEEKS line can be found at Walmart, Hobby Lobby, and of course on the Dayspring website. These are great ideas for gifts. There are even little notes that you can put in your childrens' lunch boxes when school starts back. There are a wide range of little stuffed animals, stickers, tattoos, notepads, etc.

Our family loves these products. Give them a try today and you will fall in love too.

**I was given products from this line in exchange for my review. All opinions are my own.**

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

"The Turning" {a review}

Five people, strangers, hear God telling them to follow an unlikely path. One company deciding to start a trend of "Hope is dead". The path they are led on is full of surprises and heartache with only one outcome.

Okay, I have a like/ dislike relationship with this book. I like the overall message that hope is alive and that there is power in prayer. I didn't, however, like the storyline that much. There were parts that were mentioned and then left with no other mention. There was a lot of whining. And there were a lot of unnecessary characters who either should have been developed or should have been left out of the book. I also feel like the ending was rushed. There were characters who needed to be addressed at the end that were left hanging.

This is an okay book that I would say read if you are looking for something to read. I do have a copy to give away to someone though. So if you become a fan of Hentown Mama on Facebook you will be entered to win a copy.

**I received a copy of this book for review and giveaway. All opinions are my own.**