Friday, June 27, 2014

New Adventures!

You know, Miles starts school at the end of July. So I have been thinking really hard about getting a job when he starts. I put out some feelers and didn't really hear of anything so I just wasn't going to push it. And then I got an email. I sent them the requested information and soon got a phone call. So after working for 3 days in this new job- I am going to announce it. I am the new Activities Director for a local nursing home. I have so many ideas and can't wait to see how they go. I am also excited to be able to incorporate my Physical Therapy background into this new job. Don't worry- Hentown Mama is not going anywhere. I will still write to encourage you, tell you of awesome books and products, and also talk about my family. It will definitely not be 5 days a week but after school starts back and I am better adjusted to working outside of the home again I will start posting again more regularly.

So here's to new adventures and building new "community".


  1. That is great!! I know you will be a blessing to them!

  2. Glad to hear you got the job! Will be praying for you as you transition :)