Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Love is a Choice

I recently read "A Lifelong Love: What if Marriage is About More Than Just Staying Together?" by Gary Thomas.  I enjoyed the book and will never be able to give it to someone else because of how many highlighted areas there are and how many notes are in the margins. I would definitely not get this book thinking that you are in for a little light reading and without expecting to come away from it with some new perspective on your marriage, yes but also other relationships.

"Most of us look at how to make our marriages more pleasant and more fulfilling right now. Scripture urges us to set our sights much higher- how we live our marriages here can affect us in eternity for eternity." (p54)

This particular quote definitely hit home for me. It was one of those that just jumped off the page and screamed for attention. For me,  "how we live our marriages can affect us in eternity for eternity" was eye-opening. Lately, choices have really been standing out to me. The choices that we make as a family, as a couple, and even as individuals are becoming more important and I find myself weighing not just the choice but what are the long term effects that come from that choice. I know that love is a choice- I have written about that before, but I never really thought about the long term when it came to love. 

The love that we chose to show each other is going to trickle down into how our children show love to others and that will go to their children and so on and so on. So in the process of reading this book and also getting away with my girlfriends for a few days, I realized a couple of things that hit me hard. I am someone who will talk about John with no thought to how what I say sounds to others. I am a venter. I have to stop that. Scripture clearly is against talking about others negatively and it plain out is not showing others how much I love this man of mine. I need to change my tone and keep my venting to myself. If the person who has made a choice to spend their life with you can't talk about you in a positive light there is something wrong. I also realize that while I often talk about choices and how important they are- I don't really treat them as important when it comes to the choices that I am making in my life. How am I really teaching my children that choices make the difference if I am not treating them in such a way myself? 

We made a choice to get married way back when. 
And we make a choice everyday to stay together and honor those vows that we took.
I think that maybe (well not maybe because more like I should) I need to start realizing that my choices in how I treat my marriage are a reflection on how I treat my faith and start making some changes. Be more positive and more of a reflection of God's love to my husband and to others. 

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